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December 2022






Hi again everybody. Hopefully your golf is looking good with the winter months well and truly
behind us and there is more run on the fairways. Here are some items of interest for you to consider.
Interclub golf has now finished and congratulations to the winners. In the Woodward Cup, Templeton
came out the winners over Clearwater in a closely contested final. In the Blank Cup Russley came out
winners over Harewood, and in the Simon Cup, Russley beat Harewood. The Pollock Cup was played
the following weekend and Christchurch beat Waitikiri in the final.
On January 1 2023, a new rulebook will be in force with some changes made to the current
rules. There are to be fewer books printed this time as it is expected that most players will
have the updated app on their phones and use that to find out about the rules. If you want to
know further information about the new rules, then the following YouTube link will be a
starting point.
Concerning the rules, the Canterbury Referees will run a rules course combining Level 1 and Level 2
in March next year. Information about this course will be sent out to all clubs in the Canterbury region
early next year.
Interesting situations for you to think about.
1. Recently a player was using his vap device on the golf course and was blowing the smoke out to
see what way the wind was blowing. Unfortunately rule 4.3 forbids any artificial device being
used to specifically show wind direction and this would incur the general penalty: loss of hole in
match play and two strokes in stroke play.
The rule is: 4.3 (2) Information on Wind and Other Weather Conditions.
• Not Allowed.
o Measuring wind speed at the course, or
o Using an artificial object to get other wind-related information (such as using
powder to assess wind direction).
Note: throwing up a few blades of grass is allowable as it is natural, not artificial
2. Penalty Areas: Stakes are limited to indicating that there is a penalty area. They do not define the
real boundary of the penalty area as OB white pegs do. Sometimes the penalty area will continue
outside the line between two red penalty posts. The natural break in the land is seen as the true
boundary of penalty areas. However if there is a red line on the ground as well as the posts, then the
red line indicates the boundary. Where the land is flat and recent heavy rain has caused the water to
be outside the boundary of the penalty area, then this water can be called temporary water and
relief(free) can be given for it. In match play, be sure your opponent agrees to this before taking relief.
3. Boundary objects : These are neither immovable obstructions nor integral objects, and no free
relief is available if they impede your swing, stance or line of play. If your stroke or stance is
obstructed at all, you either have to live with it, or take penalty relief for an unplayable lie. However,
you should note the following rules that may apply :
a) You are permitted to stand OB and hit your ball in bounds, even while hitting any fence
b) You are not permitted to move any boundary object to assist your next stroke. That will be
deemed improving conditions. However, if you do move a stake, but realise ( or are alerted
before your shot), that you shouldn’t, there is no penalty if the stake is put back to its original
position, before your next shot. Otherwise there is a penalty under rule 8
c) If the boundary object has been broken or bent in such a way that the original improvement
cannot be eliminated, by restoring it, you cannot avoid the penalty
4. Ball moved by practice swing: There are three occasions when a player might inadvertently move
his/her ball with a practice swing, the ramifications of which differ in each case.
1) In the teeing area prior to any valid counting stroke. This is not counted as a stroke, as the ball
is not in play. The ball can be picked up, without penalty, and replaced in the position for the
tee shot, whether on a tee or otherwise
2) On the putting green. No penalty, even though the ball is in play, but the ball must be
replaced on its original spot. Failure to do so will incur the “wrong place “ penalty
3) Anywhere else on the course. The ball is now in play . Such a movement will incur a one shot
penalty, and the ball must be replaced on its original spot. Again, a failure to do so, will incur
the “wrong place” penalty.
Quiz time
1. Before lifting a ball under a Rule requiring the ball to be replaced on its original spot,
the player must mark the spot. Which of the following is not an acceptable mark?
A. place a ball-marker right in front of the ball.
B. place a ball-marker right behind or right next to the ball.
C. place a ball-marker approximately two-inches behind the ball.
2. Which of the following is true regarding concessions in match play?
A. If authorized by the player, his or her caddie may make a concession.
B. There is no penalty to a player if his or her caddie attempts to make a concession
C.. If a player’s caddie makes an attempt to concede a stroke, the player is responsible
for an action taken by the opponent such as lifting of a ball.
3. A player’s ball lies next to a large and heavy tree branch that is completely detached from the tree
that it was a part of, due to an overnight storm. The player may get help from a group of spectators for
assistance in removing the remaining part of the branch. The player makes his or her stroke at the ball.
What is the ruling?
A. The player is allowed to break off part of the branch but not allowed to accept assistance from
anyone except partners and their caddies.
B. The player is not allowed to break off part of the branch but is allowed to accept
assistance from anyone in removing the branch.
C. There is no penalty.
4. A player’s ball comes to rest in a large area of water adjacent to a penalty area but outside the
stakes defining the penalty area. Because of the configuration of the ground, the water is clearly a part
of the penalty area. The player takes relief under the penalty area Rule by taking stroke-and-distance
relief. What is the ruling?
A. The player gets a penalty of one stroke.
B. The player gets the general penalty from playing from the wrong place.
C. The player should have sought a ruling from the Committee.
1. C. 14.1a/2
2. B. 3.2b(2)/1
3. C. 15.1a/1 and 15.1a
4. A. 17.1a/1
Happy golfing everyone
Kevin Gwatkin
Canterbury Golf Referees Association

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