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Rule of the Month

Rule of Month - Apr 2019

Know the Definitions
It can not be emphasised enough, how important it is to know and understand the definitions.

There  are  over  70  defined  terms  (e.g.  There  are  over  fifty  defined  terms  (e.g.  abnormal  course  condition, general  area,  etc.)  and  these  form  the  foundation  around  which  the  Rules  are  written.  A  good  knowledge  of the  defined  terms  (which  are  italicised  throughout  the  book  and  contained  in  one  section  near  the  back  of  the book)  is  very  important  to  the  correct  application  of  the  Rules.

For example:

Abnormal Course Condition

Any of these four defined conditions:

To include the 70 definitions would make this page impossibly long, so included is a link to the R&A Web Based Definitions
























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