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Rule of Month - Feb 2019

Rule 2 - The Golf Course Itself










The Four Specific Areas 
Certain Rules apply specifically to the four areas of the course that are not in the general area:
The Teeing Area the player must use in starting the hole he or she is playing (Rule 6.2),  All other Teeing Areas are part of the General Area.
All Penalty Areas (Rule17), 
All Bunkers (Rule12), and 
The Putting Green of the hole the player is playing (Rule13). All other Putting Greens are part of the General Area, and are “Wrong Greens".

Determining Area of Course Where Ball Lies
The area of the course where a player’s ball lies affects the Rules that apply in playing the ball or taking relief.
A ball is always treated as lying in only one area of the course:
- If part of the ball is in both the general area and one of the four specific areas of the course, it is treated as lying in that  specific area of the course.
- If part of the ball is in two specific areas of the course, it is treated as lying in the specific area that comes first in this order: penalty area, bunker, putting green.

The General Area
The general area covers the entire course except for the four specific areas of the course described in Rule 2.2b.It is called the “General Area” because:
- It covers most of the course, and is where a player’s ball will most often be played, until the ball reaches the putting green.
- It includes every type of ground and growing or attached objects found in that area, such as fairway, rough and trees. 

Look at the Definitions for “No Play Zone”. 






Play the ball as it lies
Play the course as you find it





10 Essential Rules - from the R&A

Click here to view a short, informative New Rules video on the following:

1.   Putting Greens
2.   Bunkers
3.   Searching
4.   Relief & Dropping
5.   Pace of Play
6.   Penalty Areas
7.   Relief from Penalty Areas
8.   Unplayable Ball
9.   Unplayable Ball in a Bunker
10. Knowledge and Virtual Certainty













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