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Canterbury Matchplay - Finals: Live Scoring

Posted by: on 23 October 2017

Play begins 12.45pm all matches from the first tee.

Mens' Championship - Oscar Cadenhead v Hiroki Miya

Miya wins 4/2. Hole 1 - Cadenhead birdie: 1up. Hole 2 - Miya birdied: all square. Hole 3 - Cadenhead bogey: Miya 1up. Hole 4 - Miya wins with a par: Miya 2up. Hole 5 - halved in pars. Hole 6 - Cadenhead bogey: Miya 3up. Hole 7 - halved in pars. Hole 8 - halved in pars. Hole 9 - Miya wins with a par. Hole 10 - halved in pars. Hole 11 - halved in pars. Hole 12 - Cadenhead wins with a par. Hole 13 - halved in pars. Hole 14 - Conceded by Miya. Hole 15 - halved in par. Hole 16 - Miya wins with a birdie.

Hiroki Miya is making short work of the men's final so far with solid golf. He has made several mid range putts to save par, and a fine fairway bunker shot to the 8th green. By contrast, Cadenhead has missed three short putts to allow Miya to take control of the match.

Midway through the back nine Cadenhead has made a comeback of sorts with Miya making a couple of bogeys. It will be interesting to see if the momentum has swung back in Cadenhead's favour with two reachable par 5's looming for the big hitting Cadenhead.

At the 16th hole Cadenhead airmailed the green with his second shot while Miya stuck it to 20 feet. Cadenhead could not get up-and-down while Miya calmly two putted for the win.

Women's Championship - Juliana Hung v Fuuka Higashi

Hung wins 1up. Hole 1 - Hung won. Hole 2 - halved. Hole 3 - halved in pars. Hole 4 - halved in pars. Hole 5 - halved in pars. Hole 6 - halved in pars. Hole 7 - Higashi wins with a birdie. Hole 8 - Hung birdies. Hole 9 -  halved in pars. Hole 10 - halved in pars. Hole 11 - Hung wins with a par. Hole 12 - Higashi wins with a par. Hole 13 - halved in pars. Hole 14 - halved in pars. Hole 15 - Higashi wins with a par. Hole 16 - halved in pars. Hole 17 - halved in pars. Hole 18 - Hung wins with a birdie!

Both women are playing excellent golf in a tight contest. Hung has a slender lead but it is anyone's contest at this stage.

Men's Masters Championship - Blair Dibley v Jeremy Goodman

Dibley wins 5/4. Dibley was 3up after 10 holes. Was all square after 6 holes. Goodman was 2up after two holes.

Women's Masters Championship - Di Kay v Debbie Scott

Kay wins 2/1. Kay was 2up after 14 holes. Was all square after 9 holes.

Men's Div2 Championship - Austin Hamilton v Steven Yang

Hamilton wins 4/3.

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