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Interclub Finals Day Update

Posted by: on 1 October 2017

Final Results

Pollock Cup - Christchurch beat Clearwater 4-0. C Bell beat R Eder 1up, O Tapu beat V Faass 4/3, M Newburn beat L Vieceli 4/3, L Park beat D Kay 5/3.

Woodward Cup - Russley beat Christchurch 7-1. D Brettkelly beat T Parker 4/3, R Hilton beat M Toeke 1up, B Baker beat R Reed 1up, C Beel beat J Sincock 2/1, O Burgess beat JJ Love 2up, J Bakermans beat H Kerr 3/2, J Falkner beat J Wilson 5/4, G Treacy beat P MacDougall 5/3.

Blank Cup - Templeton beat Harewood 6-2

Simon Cup - Templeton beat Rangiora 6.5-1.5

Full results and news story will be posted tomorrow.

This Afternoon - 9 Hole Update, 4pm

Woodward Cup -  Russley lead Christchurch 5.5-2.5 after 9 holes. D Brettkelly 3up v T Parker, R Hilton all sq with M Toeke, B Baker 1up v R Reed, C Beel 2up v J Sincock, JJ Love 2up v O Burgess, J Bakermans 3up v H Kerr, J Falkner 2up v J Wilson, G Treacy 4up v P MacDougall.

Pollock Cup - Christchurch lead Clearwater 4-0 after 9 holes. C Bell 3up v R Eder, O Tapu 2up v V Faass, M Newburn 2up v L Vieceli, L Park 4up v D Kay.

Blank Cup - Templeton comfortably lead Harewood after 9 holes 6.5-1.5.

Simon Cup - Templeton lead Rangiora 5.5-2.5 after 9 holes.

This Morning

The finalists have been found for the Woodward Cup at Waimairi Beach Golf Club.  Russley progressed courtesy of a 4.5-3.5 win over Templeton, with wins to Dominic Brettkelly, Ben Baker, Hamish Kerr, and Garth Treacy, and a half to Reid Hilton. For Templeton James Robb, Dan Laughton and Paul Brightwell won with Tom Wilson getting the half.

They will play Christchurch who beat Harewood 4.5-3.5. Wins to Tom Parker, Mike Toeke, Jason Sincock, and JJ Love with a half to Richard Reed cemented the win. For Harewood the bottom of the order were strong with wins to Troy Clark, Blair Dibley, and Antony Dale, with Scott Manyweathers getting the half. 

In the Blank Cup Templeton beat Weedons 5.5-2.5.  And Harewood beat Russley 5-3 in the other semi final.

In the Pollock Cup the final is between Clearwater and Christchurch. Christchurch beat Harewood 4-0, and Clearwater beat Russley 3-1.

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