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Canterbury Golf Child Protection Policy (May 2017)

Canterbury Golf are committed to the health, safety and well-being of all its officers, staff, Golf Clubs, Club Members, and the participating public, and are dedicated to providing a safe environment for participating in golf activities. We have increased exposure and risk for child abuse through our Golf in Schools Programme, player coaching and development programmes, and representative programmes, and seek particularly to provide guidance in these areas.

The purpose of the Child Protection Guidelines (Guidelines) is to provide guidance to stakeholders around the best practice procedures in relation to the protection of Golf Clubs, Club Members, and the participating public with particular reference to Minors
and Vulnerable Adults.

The Guidelines are not enforceable against Golf Clubs or Club Members, however Canterbury Golf encourages all Clubs to comply with the Guidelines to ensure the safety of their Club Members, and participating public.

These Guidelines convey a message to all Canterbury Golf stakeholders that abuse, particularly those U19, by other Club Members or an external source, is not acceptable and Canterbury Golf encourages all incidents of such abuse to be reported immediately to the appropriate authorities.

Click here to download the full Child Protection Policy.


Health & Safety Folder - Click here for Event Health & Safety Documentation.


By-Laws of Canterbury Golf 

Note: Bylaws 1,2,4,5,7,8 were recinded by the Canterbury Golf Executive Committee on 18 April 2017. 

By-Law No 3
Responsibility for advising on Local Rules and marking and rule interpretation be delegated to the Canterbury Golf Referees Association to act on behalf of Canterbury Golf Incorporated, all recommendations in these areas must be forwarded to Canterbury Golf for further action as deemed necessary. 

By-Law No 6
That for the avoidance of doubt any person suspended pursuant to a ruling of a Commissioner of Golf may not be involved in any capacity in any Canterbury Golf activity. 

By-Law No 9
At any Canterbury Golf tournament, that event must at all times be under the direct physical control of the designated Canterbury Golf officer of the day, acting in the capacity as Tournament Director or his/her duly appointed delegate. 

By-Law No 10
Except where there are specific rules in the tournament conditions relating to playoffs, in events run by Canterbury Golf, any playoffs shall be played as directed by the Tournament Director. 

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