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November 2019 - The Teeing Area

Rule 6  -  The Teeing Area

The Player has started a hole when he/she makes a stroke to begin the hole, the Ball must be played from inside the Teeing Area.

Match Play

Playing from Outside or From Wrong Teeing Ground. There is no penalty.
But opponent may cancel the stroke.
The cancellation must be done promptly and before either player makes a stroke.
If cancelled, player must play a ball from inside the correct teeing area.
If stroke is not cancelled, the stroke counts and ball is played as it lies.

Stroke Play

Playing from Outside or From Wrong Teeing Ground. Two stroke Penalty.
The player incurs a two-stroke penalty and MUST correct their mistake.
Failure to correct the error results in disqualification
Strokes made prior to correcting the error – are not included in the player’s score

Teeing Area Rules

The ball must be played from a tee placed in or on the ground
Or from on the ground itself, including from on sand or other natural materials put down to sit the ball on top of
The player must not use a non-conforming tee (anti-slice tees are non-conforming – they would unduly influence the movement of the ball)
Note the change to the penalty for playing from a non-conforming tee – first breach is general penalty, second breach is DQ. 

Things you can do in the Teeing Area

Certain Conditions in Teeing Area May Be Improved. Before making a stroke, the player may take these actions in the teeing area to improve the conditions affecting the stroke (see Rule 8.1b(8)):
• Alter the surface of the ground in the teeing area (such as by making an indentation with a club or foot),
• Move, bend or break grass, weeds and other natural objects that are attached or growing in the ground in the teeing area,
• Remove or press down sand and soil in the teeing area,and
• Remove dew, frost and water in the teeing area.
But the player gets the general penalty if he or she takes any other action to improve the conditions affecting the stroke.

Whether the ball is teed or on the ground, when starting a hole or playing again from the teeing area, the ball is not in play until the player makes a stroke at it.

Look at Rules 6.1 & 6.2 and the Definitions "Teeing Area"

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