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Canterbury vs Aorangi

Posted by: on 21 September 2020

The annual Canterbury vs Aorangi Representatrive match was played at Ashburton on Sunday in fine conditions and the course in great order.

Canterbury were dominant winning the fixture overall 40-16. Men won 11-5, Women won 14-2, Masters Men won 9-7, U19 Men won 6-2.

Men - Reverse Singles
Hayato Miya halved with Alex Kelliher; Marcel Boet bt Dan Perham; Dominic Brettkelly bt Marcus Tessier; Zach May bt Tim Leonard; Hiroki Miya bt Ryan Cockburn; Tom Parker lost to Josh Smith; Mike Toeke bt Jeff Hewitt; Andrew Green bt Damian Rodgers.
Hayato Miya lost to Dan Perham; Boet bt Kelliher; Brettkelly lost to Leonard; May bt Tessier; Hiroki Miya bt Smith; Parker lost to Cockburn; Toeke bt Rodgers; Green halved with Hewitt.

Women - Reverse Singles
Yoyo Fu lost to Christine Ross 2 down; Amy Weng bt Kelly Karton 8/7; Olive Tapu lost to Sharon Bradford 2 down; Catherine Bell bt Vicky Moore 7/6; Hillary O'Connor bt Catherine Knight 2/1; Maddie May bt Pauline Bell 5/3; Momoka Kobori bt Ginny Bolderston 7/6; Amelia Garvey bt Lynda Brown 5/3  
Fu bt Karton 8/7; Weng bt Ross 6/5; Tapu bt Moore 4/3; Catherine Bell bt Bradford 7/6; O'Connor bt Pauline Bell 6/5; May bt Knight 4/3;  Kobori bt Brown 6/5; Garvey bt Bolderston 7/5.

Masters Men - Reverse Singles
Woobong Kim bt John Smitheram; Antony Dale bt Hamish Niles; Paul McEwan lost to Regan Stills; Jonathan Stieller bt Owen Millar; Jason Sincock bt Andrew Peck; Brett Turner lost to Robbie Bell; Andrew Dufton lost to Nigel Heney; Aaron Forsyth bt Blair Franklin.
Kim bt Niles; Dale halved with Smitheram; McEwan bt Millar; Stieller halved with Stills; Sincock lost to Bell; Turner lost to Peck; Dufton lost to Franklin; Forsyth bt Heney.

U19 Men - Reverse Singles
Etienne Collier bt Jack Brown 6/5; Phong Nguyen bt Sam Morrison 6/4; Sam Harris lost to Hiro Kakeda 2 down; Cooper Moore bt Mac Kelliher 4/2.
Collier bt Morrison 1 up; Nguyen lost to Brown 1 down; Harris bt Kelliher 4/3; Moore bt Kakeda 5/4.  




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