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New Golf Rules for 2019

Posted by: on 28 June 2018

All golfers will be aware that a complete rewrite of the Rules of Golf will come into effect on January 1 2019.
Canterbury Golf Referees Association point out to clubs who are proposing to print new cards, that the following two Local Rules can be removed as they will become an integral part of the new rules. The first one concerns the accidental movement of the ball on the green and the second one is the use of measuring devices. However if the cards are to be used before the end of the year, then these rules should also be posted as Local Rules.

In September, on the R & A site, there will be an opportunity for all golfers to access information on the new rules and complete a course for Level One. This will give members a basic introduction of the new rules. At the same time, printed rulebooks (and phone apps) should become available to golfers.

There is some information already available to golfers on the R & A site that all members can access. CGRA will also be holding evenings after October to explain the new rules to golf members at various clubs. Currently Canterbury Referees are negotiating training with NZ Golf to bring them up to speed on the new rules before they can offer courses to golfers. Further information on the new rules will be released as it comes to hand.

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