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Update - Interclub Finals Day at Russley

Posted by: on 30 September 2018

Woodward Cup Final - Templeton v Russley (after 9 holes)

Sam Purdon leads Hiroki Miya 2up, Reid Hilton leads Tom Wilson 1up, Ben Baker leads Ryan Bellamy 1up, Jordan Latter leads Hayato Miya 2up, Michael McAuley leads James Robb 1up, Rhys Wilson leads Owen Burgess 4up, David Kelly leads Greg Hey 1up, Michael Berry and Andrew Dufton all square. 

Russley lead 4.5-3.5 at the half way stage but the four matches they lead are only by one hole.

FINAL: Russley beat Templeton 6-2. Hiroki Miya beat Sam Purdon 2up. Reid Hilton beat Tom Wilson 4/3, Ryan Bellamy beat Ben Baker 2up, Hayato Miya beat Jordan Latter 2./1, Michael McAuley beat James Robb 3/2, Rhys Wilson beat Owen Burgess 2/1, David Kelly beat Greg Hey 3/2, Andrew Dufton beat Mike Berry 1up.

Pollock Cup Final - Pegasus v Russley (after 9 holes)

Juliana Hung leads Hillary O'Connor 3up, Amy Weng leads Danielle Price 5up, Maddie May leads Rion Ishizawa 4up, Jasmine Clancy leads Jessica Crosbie 2up, Karen De Lautour and Estelle Lin all square, Mihee Woo leads Bobbi Oliver 1up.

 Russley currently lead 5.5-0.5

FINAL: Russley beat Pegasus 4.5-1.5. Hillary O'Connor and Juliana Hung halved. Amy Weng beat Danielle Price 7/6, Maddie May beat Rion Ishizawa 4/3, Jasmine Clancy beat Jessica Crosbie 1up, Karen De Lautour beat Estelle Lin 4/3, Mihee Woo beat Bobbi Oliver 4/3.

Blank Cup Final - Clearwater v Russley

Russley win 5-3.  Harris Kim beat Jacob Roberts 1up, Michael Bailey beat Hamish Kerr 3/1, Zach May beat Austin Hamilton 7/5, Nik Bull beat Pedro Park 3/2, Andrew Richardson beat Leon Yee 4/2, John Parlane beat Paul Fitzsimmons 1up, Denis Kelliher beat Nathan Kendall 6/5, Simon Murphy beat Keri Maaka 3/2.

Simon Cup Final - Waitikiri v Avondale

Waitikiri win 6-2. Paul McEwan beat Stu Lingard 4/3, Ricky Walker beat Matt Reid 2up, Scott Sibley and Paul Webb halved, Harley Crosland and Paul Costello halved, Garron Hawker beat Greg Theobald 1up, Colm Ward beat Cam Fyfe 1up, Matt Evers-Carmichael beat Alistair McDonald 2/1, Mark Pearson beat Chris Harwood 2/1.


Woodward Cup Semi Finals

Russley beat Christchurch 7-1

Hiroki Miya beat Mike Toeke 6/4, Reid Hilton beat Todd Gantley 3/2, Ben Baker beat Richard Reed 1up, Hayato Miya beat Jason Sincock 6/4, Michael McAuley beat Josh Roche 2up, Owen Burgess beat Nick Franzmann 4/3, David Kelly beat Tom Turner 2up, Jordan Bakermans beat Andrew Dufton 1up.

A classy full strength Russley line-up were too strong in the end for Christchurch. They had built an overall lead through 9 holes of play, and then continued the momentum through the back nine to score a comprehensive victory.

Templeton beat Pegasus 5.5-2.5

Sam Purdon halved with Andrew Green, Tom Wilson beat Matthew Burns 2/1, Ryan Bellamy beat Shaun Allan 4/2, Peter Brinsdon beat Dan Laughton 7/6, Brandon Parker beat James Robb 5/4, Rhys Wilson beat Phil Stevens 1up, Greg Hey beat Rodney Van Steenis 2/1, Mike Berry beat Richard Sinclair 1up.

With thee holes to play Pegasus looked the victors in this semi final. The had two wins on the board, were up in three other matches, and square in two others. However all those matches went against them in the final few holes as Templeton came through to snatch the victory. 

Pollock Cup Semi Finals

Russley beat Christchurch 3.5-2.5

Catherine Bell halved with Juliana Hung, Olive Tapu beat Amy Weng 2/1, Maddie May beat Mel Newburn 1up, Jasmine Clancy beat Marg Coughlan 8/7, Mel Bew beat Estelle Lin 2/1, Mihee Woo beat Robyn Gillespie 4/3.

Pegasus beat Harewood in a play-off

Hillary O'Connor halved with Catherine Knight, Danielle Price beat Lynda Brown 1up, Rion Ishizawa beat Anne Dick 6/5, Jessica Crosbie halved with Debbie Scott, Lynn Brand beat Karen de La Tour 1up, Julie Jones beat Bobbi Oliver 2/1.

Hillary O'Connor and Catherine Knight played two extra holes that were both halved. By virtue of their higher round-robin placing Pegasus went through to the final.

Blank Cup Semi Finals

Clearwater beat Templeton 5.5-2.5

Harris Kim beat Cam Finlayson 2/1, Michael Bailey beat Ben Langrope 6/5, Austin Hamilton halved with Steve Campbell, Pedro Park halved with Mac McCall, Leon Yee beat James Moynihan 4/3, Zac Mason beat Lou Vieceli 6/4, Nathan Kendall halved with Ricky Butson, Keri Maaka beat Lance Gahan 5/4.

Russley beat Waimairi Beach 6.5-1.5

Jacob Roberts beat Brad Reid 7/5, Hamish Kerr beat Rob Mains 4/3, Zach May beat Ash Watts 6/5, Taylor Reid beat Nik Bull 2/1, Alan Richardson beat Ben Williamson 2up, Paul Fitzsimmons beat Fraser Mearns 2up, Denis Kelleher beat Ben Burgess 5/3, Simon Murphy halved with Rob Penney.


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